Our Skilled Craftsmen
Our Skilled Craftsmen Building a mould plug for a superstructure using over 1,000 pieces of wood and with millimetre accuracy is something our highly skilled people can do.
Hand Built
Hand Built Assembled from over 1,000 pieces our craftsmen are hand building this boat superstructure mould plug.
Ocean Star
Ocean Star We carried out renovation work and added many new features including a new flying bridge.
Outer Limits
Outer Limits We completely rebuilt this boat, also changing the colour and adding graphics, it looked fantastic!
River Ferry
River Ferry Our fast river ferries are also very comfortable with deluxe seating for all.
Nice Yellow
Nice Yellow Our client was very happy with this amazing new upholstery interior work.
River Ferry
River Ferry One of a series of high speed river ferries we designed and built for Africa
Majesty We WRAPPED this boat with a new bright blue, transfoming it! we also copper coated below the waterline
Outer Limits
Outer Limits This came to us for renovation and we turned it into a virtully new boat, rebuilt entirely from the hull up
Dustless Blasting
Dustless Blasting Dustless Blasting is NOT water blasting and its NOT sand blasting, its LOW PRESSURE but it works 4 x faster than the other methods. Shed64 is the exclusive agent.
Red Bentley
Red Bentley Our upholstery department is incredible! They completely changed the interior, every single piece is new.
Lambo Doors
Lambo Doors We fitted Lamborghini style doors to this Corvette
Amazing Toyota
Amazing Toyota A complete change for this Toyota made it into a spectacular vehicle! There is also a lot of artwork on the body.
Dustless Blasting
Dustless Blasting Shed 64 are the sole agents. Low pressure blasting is 4 x times faster than water or sand blasting, and less waste too.
The Best Hummer
The Best Hummer We did work on this H1 Hummer including special utility doors.
Outer Limits
Outer Limits Great new upholstery for this boat
Yellow Hummer
Yellow Hummer A lot of work went into making this 2 special
Nice artwork
Nice artwork We can paint your car, truck, boat, ship, bike...
Outer Limits
Outer Limits A new console
A Rebuild
A Rebuild Rebuilt to be better than new
A Rebuild
A Rebuild Our Upholstery expert made a great job of it!
A Rebuild
A Rebuild Looking much better than when it arrived


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